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Welcome to AllMax, a place where you can learn how to become healthy, wealthy, and free. I'm Earl Allen and I'm the proprietor. Taking Protandim is just one of the ways you can get healthy and stay healthy.

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Healthy, Wealthy, and Free

July, 2014 | By: Earl

Freedom is worth working towards. And you, too, can be free of the nine-to-five trudge. Join me in the healthiest way to wealth through antioxidant enablers.

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Free to fly!

Flying is a passion of mine. If you haven't taken a flight in a small airplane recently, contact Journeys Aviation and ask for me, Earl Allen. You can see some recommendations here.

Freedom of Dynamic Change

"The naive intuition that people have about limits to growth is profoundly wrong. There is a scarcity of physical objects, but that's not the constraint on what we can do."
-- Paul Romer

"The real constraint is not the number of objects but the ways of combining objects or ideas--a number of possibilities that makes the number of atoms in the universe look close to zero by comparison. We are limited, in a very real sense, only by our imagination and the time in which we have to exercise it. That time includes not simply our own life spans but the creative legacies of past generations: the experiments, inventions, and knowledge on which we can build." -- Virginia Postrel in "The Future and Its Enemies" p. 64